Manga Ru-His Highness don't leave! Prologue

Description: Waking up as the descendant of a Nobel family of traditional Chinese medicine, Han Fei found herself unable to bend down and see her toes.

Later, she found out that she is known as the famous fat woman of the prime minister Han's house, the eldest daughter of the Han family, 

And King Qin, who was laughed at and crippled, was her husband to be appointed.

She finds the person born for being a perfect match for her, For the face similar to a celebrity, Han Fei decided that she wants to lose weight, and She's going to have the best wedding!


  1. awesome!!! Can't wait to read it! <3

  2. Excuse me if I disturb you but why does an advertisement appear to me when I enter your site now?
    As soon as I jump and try to click on one of your posts I even get a site similar to adfly.

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    2. Fixed, had the wrong script running.


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